The five best facial creams on the planet

The beauty world is full of claims and it is all very confusing.   All you want is the best skin care regime that works for you.  We've done a review of very highly-priced face creams, which all claim to be the best.   We reviewed products that are genuinely special and have something special inside.  We think VENÔM is as good as any on this list.  And of course, it's a fraction of the price.  We note the incredible collagen regeneration power of bee venom extract, the healing power of Manuka Honey and the soothing and moisturising magic that Tamanu Nut oil and Hyaluronica bring to the party.  We are happy to take a close look at alternative products and give them some kudos when they deserve it.  So let's dive straight in and look at five very worthy contenders for the award for best facial cream.  When we finish our comparison we conclude that VENÔM is actually the best.  That's right - stare into our eyes and repeat after us "we are the best."  










2 oz

1.7 oz

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Fermented kelp


Black Truffle

Bee Venom

Bee Venom


$360 per 2 oz jar

We start with La Mer.  It’s one of the best-known facial creams on the market.  Originally blended by the mysterious Max Huber, La Mer is now manufactured by Estée Lauder.  The interesting thing is that Max hid his recipe and never gave it to Estée Lauder before he died.  With some help from Max's family, Estée Lauder has tried to replicate what he had made all those decades ago. 

The secret ingredient is a fermented broth made from seaweed, vitamins and minerals.  The broth is fermented and, because Max was a little unusual, the process includes playing bubbling and gurgling sounds to the broth while it is fermenting.  The product may have an unusual history and the formulation may be less natural than others, but many women swear by La Mer.  We have tested it and, we like it.  The base is a simple petroleum-based heavy moisturiser, which also contains glycerine and several useful ingredients.  Its heavy texture requires a little warming on the hands before applying, but it blends nicely into the skin.  We have sought out research tests in the usual scientific publications and drew a blank, but some studies suggest seaweed extracts are helpful to skin.  What La Mer has in its favour is a long history and many satisfied customers.  


VENÔM by Natural Pacifica

$69 per 1.7 oz jar

Did you see what we did there?  Yep, we slipped our own VENÔM, into the list of worlds best.  But make not mistake, that's where we think it fits.  No review would be complete without including our own product for comparison.   VENÔM is a rich cream which was created to be used as a moisturizer and mask and to fill the place of serum in the busy person's beauty regime.   In this way VENÔM is similar in use to La Mer, but has a lighter texture.  When VENÔM was conceived the brief was to create a cream every bit as good as La Mer, but include more potent anti-wrinkle ingredients and use Hyaluronic acid because of its powerful moisturising qualities.  Bee Venom extract is unique in beauty care as it is designed to stimulate a response from the skin and cause it to regenerate itself.  This is not just a nice moisturiser, this product makes the skin get to work and regenerate itself.   VENÔM is rich in natural and plant-based ingredients with minimal chemical additives.  Yes, on any list of the world's best VENÔM fits right in.  In fact, we think it is the best anti-wrinkle cream you can buy.

Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 7.01.18 PM.png


$550 per 1.7 oz jar

La Prairie is a Swiss brand of facial products, its flagship being the La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream.  The magic of La Prairie lies in its use of caviar extract and an ingredient they call Cellular Complex although they don’t actually explain why caviar is good for skin or what Cellular Complex actually is.  Our research shows that caviar is a good moisturiser and anti-oxidant.  This product is a rich and beautiful moisturising cream.  It feels lovely on the skin... And the packaging - wow!  This is a beautifully designed, beautifully packaged product.  La Prairie contains both mineral oils, including silicon polymers and natural ingredients like Shea Butter.  Like La Mer, La Prairie is an older brand with an interesting history.  This is a pricey product, but the positive reviews suggest there are plenty of women who think it is worth it.

Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv

$420 per 1.7 oz jar

Estee Lauder is a mega business in the beauty industry, who have spent a lot of time and money creating beautiful brands.  Their most premium brand is Re-Nutriv.  At the top of their list of high-value facial creams, we find their Back Diamond Truffle Extract.  Black Truffles are strong-smelling fungi, similar to mushrooms that are very common in European gourmet products.  They are among the most expensive food products you can buy.   According to Estee Lauder, Black Truffle extract provides a potent energy infusion for your skin.  This is also an expensive product, which has a classy design and good reviews.  In our opinion their design is a little traditional looking and not a patch on the stunning La Prairie designs.  But that’s purely a matter of taste. Our ingredient research shows a base strong in plant based oils, which we like.  We're still not sure exactly what black truffle does to our skin, but there are many women prepared to pay $420 per jar to find out.

la Prairie copy.jpg
re-nutriv copy.jpg

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell

$425 per 2 oz jar

Like VENÔM this product includes bee venom extract and like VENÔM it originates from the spa setting rather than the department store shelves.  It has been around a long time, is a quality product and has developed an amazing reputation.   Deborah Mitchell knows beauty, and she knows how to make fine products.  With a background in the beauty spa industry, she understands skin and we think that makes all the difference.  According to the Heaven website, the bee venom creates a revolutionary organic cream that works to control the facial muscles for tightening, firming and lifting.  Heaven is more of a mask that a moisturiser, but we included it in this list because we know it works.  We like products that are results-driven and evidence-based, rather than using fancy words with little real meaning.  And, in case you hadn't noticed the packaging is just lovely.


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