The trials

These trials were undertaken on real people over a period of three months.  The photographs were taken in identical light on both occasions and the photos are not retouched.  

Great care was taken to make these tests as genuine and authentic as possible.  The tests were carried out by our Bee Venom extract supplier (APIhealth), using Bee Venom extract at 100 ppm.  It is this high concentration of 100 ppm that makes Venôm so effective. 


The age of the models we tested ranged from 30 to 75 years. At the bottom of the page are extracts and links to other independent scientific tests that show successful results using a lower concentration of Bee Venom. 


What they said

I have seen a great improvement in the texture of my skin. I was beginning to get some fine lines on my cheeks. This has all reduced drastically and in some areas have disappeared all together. I found the tightening effect particularity when using the night cream. What a wonderful range of products.  
Nelly K.


I am 74 years old and I have a very dry skin. I have found the cream very good and that my skin is much more moist than it used to be and and one can see the improvement. Generally I felt delighted with the product.
Jan A.


I can feel my skin firming when I apply the moisturizer especially at night and my skin overall feels more nourished.
Ellen B.

I have been using now for nearly 3 months and people see the difference

Rina L

International research

The beneficial effects of honeybee-venom serum  on facial wrinkles in humans

In this research, we found that bee-venom treatment clinically improved facial wrinkles by decreasing total wrinkle area, total wrinkle count, and average wrinkle depth.

Trial period 12 weeks.  Bee Venom concentration 60 ppm

Clinical evaluation of the efficacy of bee venom as cosmetic active

"Bee Venom is an active cosmetic ingredient which, after 14 days use, offered improvements to the state of the skin of participants plus their skin continued improving until the end of treatment." 
Trial period 28 days.  Bee Venom concentration 60 ppm